A sneak peek at Vue.js 3.0

Evan You Previews Vue.js 3.0 — The creator of Vue.js presented a look at the future of the popular framework at an event this week. Plenty of performance optimizations are on the cards, plus a goal of getting to just 10KB gzipped. A move from Flow to TypeScript may provoke discussion, however. Slides here.

Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr

The Power of Web Components — ‘Web Components’ is a set of standards to enable user-defined HTML elements. This is an accessible tutorial that looks at the state of play and how to create your own components with HTML and JavaScript.

Potch (Mozilla Hacks)

Faster Async Functions and Promises for V8 — A substantial and easy-to-follow exploration of how async functions and promises in V8 have been optimized and how the debugging experience for async code has been improved.

Maya Lekova and Benedikt Meurer (V8)

Goodbye Electron, Hello Desktop PWAs? — There’s still a long way for progressive webapps to go, but in many use cases the technology is advanced enough to displace typical ‘hybrid’ desktop apps especially when desktop PWA support lands on macOS in Chrome 72.

David Novicki

Full Stack Engineer, SEO Platform (SF) — The Uber SEO Engineering team is a full-stack team focused on improving Uber’s SEO. We build tools, systems, libraries, and features to improve SEO @ scale.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

React Concepts You Should Know (After You Learn The Basics) — If you’re still pretty new to React, this is for you. You’ve followed some tutorials, maybe got your first React app working, but what’s worth understanding next? Context, HOCs, and lifecycle methods for starters.

Chris Chuck

Common Testing Mistakes — A look at some of the common mistakes people make when testing JavaScript applications.

Kent C. Dodds

🔧 Code and Tools

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