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There are lot of online logo making sites out there. But, is a real breadwinner and it’s automated algorithm has real potential to bring forth really eye caching logo designs for your brand. Here we walk you through the steps to get most out of the platform. So, let’s begin the game….

1. Enter your Brand Name:

When you first enter to you have to enter your brand name.

2. Select the industry your brand related:

Here you have to be careful because looka can suggest the symbols and color pallets which best suits you only if you select the most suitable industry sector your brand belongs to. So be careful to get most out of the platform.

3. Select the design suggestions that you like most

Select at-least five logo designs that satisfies your taste and click continue. And keep in mind its just for inspiration.

4. select the color combination you like most

In this step you have to select three color combinations that best matches your taste and click continue.

5. Enter Brand name and slogan

In this step you have to enter your brand name and if you have a slogan that also. Try to keep brand name less than 7-8 letters and slogan within 12 letters. And click continue.

6. Select Symbols

Select three to six symbol categories related to your brand and press continue. Please don’t skip this step.

7. Select a design that suits you

Here you can feel the real potential of ‘s AI powered algorithm. Scroll through tons of enchanting designs until you find a right design. Then select the one which suits you most and start customizing.

8. Start Customizing until you satisfy

There are tons of options provided by including changing symbols, fonts, color, size etc. So experiment with every sort of option until you completely satisfied.

9. Download your logo

To download your design there are two types of modes.One is subscription type and other one is one time payment. In subscription type you can edit as many times as you want even after downloading.

On the other hand if you go for basic one time payment (it costs $20) you can’t make further editing after your files are downloaded.

If you have any further queries please leave a reply..

9. Bonus Tip

If you want a copy of your logo in high resolution and in different file formats that includes vetor, png, jpeg etc. for just $10 you can contact me on fiverr. All you have to do is just share the design link with me.

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